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Do you know these flies mimic bees and wasps? They are beneficial in the garden as pollinators, yet little study has been done on how beneficial.

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Hummingbird in the Garden – Ready to Fly South

 Pollinators The hummingbird’s main objective is the nectar in the flower but as it sips, it also picks up pollen that it transfers to other flowers. In fact, the hummingbird is a key pollinator of wildflowers. Plants hummingbirds pollinate include Monarda didyma, Monarda fisulosa, Lobelia cardinalis, Campsis … Continue reading

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Green Bottle Fly

  Not what you would call pretty or cute, they certainly can bring a feeling of disgust. The Green Bottle Fly can be useful in forensic, medical and veterinary science especially those maggots that determine time of death.

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