The Land of Few Birds


Danube Gorge

I was recently in Eastern Europe last week and although the architecture and river scenery was exquisite, the wildlife was lacking. Not only were birds noticeably missing, the insects were absent as well.  I also noticed few feral cats throughout most cities.

What birds I did see were those living in luxury at palace gardens and courtyards. Swans on the other hand, lived free, swimming the river’s edge on the Danube.


On the grounds of Prague Castle, roamed peacocks.


Blue and white peacocks.


Did you know peacocks sit in trees?


The castle also had caged birds.


For 16 days, I did not see much wildlife. Even farms were mostly agricultural with large corporate farms. Small farms were few in the countryside we visited, but I did see shepherds herding sheep and cattle while we rode on busses. Birds, well, the few we saw, were rather ordinary. To see pretty images from my trip, see Garden Walk Garden Talk.


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6 Responses to The Land of Few Birds

  1. yalakom says:

    White peacocks look strange don’t they!

  2. I thought it was very strange not seeing many birds or insects. I wonder why that is?

  3. I wonder if you didn’t see many birds or insects simply because it’s autumn.

  4. Pat says:

    Interesting and intriguing observation.

  5. My Heartsong says:

    Lovely shot of “light on the rocks” but I find I notice when birds are absent and it worries me. Perhaps it is the time of year maybe it is an omen.

  6. How sad to not have birds and insects…I wonder why. It makes me think the environment may be sick there not able to support a diverse population. But I tend to think it is because it is autumn. Let’s hope so.

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