Nature’s Pull


Every time I go out into nature I find something in which to marvel, something new to discover, enjoy or learn.  I figure that no matter how long I live, it will be so. How about you? Will you always find nature amazing? That is the pull nature has on us.


Carp Thrashing About

I did not know carp were so detrimental to wetlands until this year when I was at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge in New York. It also has a pull on fish too when water conditions are right.


The carp in the canal want to make their way into the warmer waters of the main waterfowl pools. The refuge wants to keep them out of this nutrient-rich pool because carp stir up silt which reduces the sunlight entering the waters, preventing plant growth on which the waterfowl depend.


Main Pool


The water level eventually subsides in the main pool, and then the carp cannot access it and return to the canal. The entry between the pool and the canal is caged with a barrier to prevent the carp from entering, but it also has an abundance of carp trying. The pull of better waters on the other side of the fence.


Waterfowl in Main Pool

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6 Responses to Nature’s Pull

  1. Debra says:

    Keeping places wild sometimes requires some effort. I only learned this fact recently as I became more involved. I never tire of enjoying nature. (Love the metallic carp photo)

  2. Eulalia says:

    love your pictures… Wonderful Carps…

    Thanks for sharing

  3. As the wise carp said to its children, “The water’s always bluer on the other side of the barrier.”

  4. Great photos! I have to get to Montezuma one of these days.

  5. What fascinating information about the carp! The close-up photos of them are amazing.

  6. So the pool is always greener on the other side of the barrier…those carp know!

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