Do You Know the Laughing Kookaburra?


If you live down under you do and they wake you rather early with their “laughing-like” call. I read they are nicknamed the “Bushman’s alarm clock.” Another interesting thing I learned was the birds mate for life, often using the same nest time after time. Both parents plus the adult female offspring help to egg-sit and raise chicks.


They are the largest kind of kingfisher, but have a preference for insects, rodents, reptiles and frogs rather than fish. I found this interesting, they soften their food by dropping it or beating it. That is a little brutal for those poor frogs.

I am not sure how they are in Australia, but when I visited this pair, they were very friendly and not at all scared of people. I actually petted one of them. It was funny because I was telling it I have a cockatoo and it would never let a stranger pet it. The kookaburra does not have quite the nasty beak of the cockatoo though and has a far better personality. They are very cuddly looking too. Cockatoos are cuddly when they want to be, but it is not always advisable to go up to one for a cuddle.

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9 Responses to Do You Know the Laughing Kookaburra?

  1. A pretty bird with some unusual habits.

  2. Interesting and quite fascinating…Loved the photos. Have a great weekend Donna.

  3. Still very far behind and trying to catch up reading blogs after getting home, but I will get to posts I missed….loved seeing this post Donna as this bird is a stunner and we used to sing his song around the campfire as a kid. A very fascinating bird and great pics.

  4. Marisa says:

    They are pretty friendly here in Australia too, Donna. My mum used to feed occasional treats to one that came and sat on the railing of the back veranda. He was very keen on bacon rind or little balls of minced meat. Years ago having a picnic with ‘the girls’ from work, and one flew by and snatched a chicken drumstick from someone’s hand while she was talking. Very bold! I am very lucky to have them wake me each morning.

  5. aussiebirder says:

    I had some really friendly Kookas when I lived in the bush, they would come right up to me especially when the BBQ was on, you have to watch them as they will steal your meet right off your Barbie if you let them, and you can’t shoo them away. Yes they were known as the Settlers Clock because they sit on the highest branches and watch the sun rise and set and that’s when they laugh. Our forefathers would get up at sunrise and finish work at sun set. Also when rain is coming they can also let you know 6 to 8 hours in advance. I will feature them eventually on my bird site also. Lovely pics, especially of the young one.

  6. It’s interesting that they use the extended family to take care of the eggs.

  7. The name is as amusing as his looks! 🙂 Happy Sunday, my dear Donna and a wonderful new week ahead! 🙂

  8. Wow, so glad you posted the link to this on your other site – it might have taken me a while to get to it here! This is a fun and fascinating bird, and I love the details you provided about it! I never would have guessed that anything called a Kookburra was a type of Kingfisher – who knew!??

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