Stopping in the Woods on a Snowy Eve


When the busyness of things happens around you, they all exist within a dual existence of calm stillness. I like going out on a snowy day to find a little quiet.


Did you ever notice how snow in its silence and stillness quiets a world filled with humans that make way too much noise? Our daily lives clatter with so much noise that it almost amounts to toxicity of the soul.


It is hard sometimes listening past all the noise in the city, so taking a “bird break” is restorative. You can always count on the little birds to soothe a busy day.


Did you ever wonder how birds and animals view snow?


I bet they like the quieting of us.


Shhhh, next time in nature, think to leave your world of technology behind.


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16 Responses to Stopping in the Woods on a Snowy Eve

  1. David says:

    I really liked the close-ups, the first and the penultimate one.

  2. Whenever I’m going through a batch of images of birds, I always think of you when I see one that has ‘personality.’ Thanks for sharing the images where the birds all but shout their thoughts! They always make me smile.

    From one bird lover/silence-in-nature lover to another, Z

  3. Lyle Krahn says:

    A word to the wise. I especially liked that leaf photo – wonderful contrast.

  4. I love the low angle. Great shots!

  5. That second shot is a hoot! Looks sorta like a skier’s snowshoe position in reverse. Seriously, I never knew birds splayed their legs like that. Is it a way of evenly distributing weight on an uncertain surface such as snow?
    Thanks for the “bird break” in prose and pictures.

  6. Even having the “bird break” here (only looking at your photos, instead of being outside myself) is relaxing. I enjoy the silence on a snowy day very much. You’re absolutely right, it reduces the noice considerably and stops a lot of the disquietude around us.
    At present new snow fall seems to be unlikely where I live and so I enjoyed a lot your extremely cute birds posing for you on the snow carpet in the most charming way.
    Great shots, Donna!

  7. alesiablogs says:

    I am just now reading your post and am glad to have it this morning to place myself in that world even if for a few moments. Alesia

  8. Phil Lanoue says:

    Good eye to spot and capture these scenes!

  9. lucindalines says:

    I love the look you caught on that last bird. It is priceless!

  10. Absolutely wonderful photos beautifully accented by these lovely thoughts of serenity, Donna. Thanks!

  11. Pat says:

    Beautiful series.

  12. Nick Hunter says:

    Nice theme. I love that first image – the lighting, soft background, pose – everything! I see a titmouse at the feeders several times a week but it’s not predictable and I rarely have a photo op. I’m actually more likely to hear it than see it.

  13. Alisha says:

    leaf look so natural, full of picture are also beautiful as always Donna

  14. I think its the light, apparently slanting in early AM or late PM that makes these pictures so evocative. Very nice.

  15. Oh what precious pics of these lovely birds who do bring us solace….lovely post Donna!

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