Great Egrets Always Have Somewhere Else to Be


Is it me, or am I just imagining this? Every time I sneak up on a Great Egret, I get like one shot and off they go, with me running after it shutter a clicking.


And every time, they head away from me, not one time does the egret turn and fly in my direction. The eagles and hawks will, but not the egrets. They get away ASAP and I get quite a few butt shots.


I did my best dodge and weave, never looking at the egret as I slowly made my way in its direction. I was watching another photographer at Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge all decked out in his camouflage get up, even his Canon camera wore a little green outfit and his tripod had camouflaged “booties”. Who was he fooling since we were on sand? Wrong color camouflage and no vegetation cover. He was as still as the herons though, yet was too far away for the lens he was using. I guess at least his herons stayed put.


My friend and I are not the quietest birders but we did try to tread lightly hoping the birds thought us rather innocuous. We did our share of scaring off birds though.


I was very determined to get this egret before it took off and was quite pleased to get a few images out of it. I have to admit, the tree dwellers do stay a bit longer.


Another Egret below at least made a more interesting and might I add, graceful departure.



It was just wading, and off it went.


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16 Responses to Great Egrets Always Have Somewhere Else to Be

  1. Those are some interesting shots u got 🙂

  2. Wow! I’m glad you spend the time taking these photos so we can enjoy them.

  3. Impressive shots!!! Thanks for sharing them!

  4. aussiebirder says:

    More amazingly beautiful shots Donna!

  5. But the BUTT shots are great…
    They offer a different perspective on the physique of the Great Egret. In my mind, they help me to grasp the largeness of this bird’s body.
    Your other photos show your dedication to waiting in the field to grab more atypical shots of this bird…love ’em.

  6. David says:

    Nice shots.

  7. Beautiful shots! I can’t answer your question because I have no experience with egrets, but they sound like they must be ornery if very attractive birds!

  8. A.M.B. says:

    I love the humor in this post–and the beautiful photographs!

  9. “Graceful departure” (or not) 😀 It doesn’t matter. I love your pictures. All of them! Such a white Great Egret has such a noble and elegant look! Stunning …

  10. It’s not you … these birds are just very anxious. Anyhow, you made some great shots!

  11. Mike Powell says:

    My experience is that egrets, unlike Great Blue Herons, are super sensitive and it never takes much to set them off. For me it’s tough, because the bright white color of the egrets feather can sometimes fool my camera’s metering and the egret is usually long gone before I can check to see if my exposure was right. You definitely did not have that issue–your images are wonderful.

  12. Sensational series of Egret photos, Donna, and I love your tale of trying to sneak up on them😊.

  13. Its not just you. I’ve also noted the same with Great Blue Herons. Nice shots.

  14. Lyle Krahn says:

    Great shots. I can scare anything off. If had Egrets I would get them moving too.

  15. But fabulous shots none-the-less….I love the group shot and the header shot…outstanding Donna even if they fly away…

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