Are You a Bug Person?


I am a bug person, but not all bugs.


Insects like bees and butterflies make my heart go a-twitter. Bugs that make my garden healthy make me do the happy dance. I just love bugs that visit my garden, but not those that visit my…



When I was in Costa Rica many years ago I saw these humongous cockroaches in the cabin where I was staying. They really gave me nightmares, so to this day, that is one insect that makes me ready to pounce like a puma at the slightest movement around my bed. I guess I could have just said cat, but you can see how using a big cat in my story only reinforces my desire to weld a sneaker for squashing or a can of bug spray for drowning in the hunt for these disgusting creatures. And I like insects.


When I was in Maui this past January, one night I found myself confronting a cockroach, all the while thinking why in God’s name in this beautiful place did I have to share my bed with a cockroach. Thoughts back to sleepless nights in Costa Rica started to fill my head.

No, I did not think to photograph the invader like I did with this pet Madagascar Cockroach. Not my pet either!

I felt trapped on the bed ready to pounce – literally. You should have seen me up and alert. My friend became my savior when I saw the thing scurry out from under the bed, she quickly dispensed with it. At least she said she did since I never eyed the unmoving carcass. Those insects are hard to kill, you almost need a machete. I should have looked later to see if it was still feet up in the trash can. I had a very sleepless night waiting for its friends to take revenge.


There is a place in people’s hearts for elephants and polar bears, but how often for the smallest creatures like insects?  If it has a stinger or eight legs, insects are often mindlessly swatted and squished. I happen to like almost all insects except said cockroaches. I know they have an earthy purpose, but they are sneaky devils. I did feel bad it was killed  though, since I rarely ever take the life of an insect.

The majority of insects are interesting if not beautiful, even if they are but a fly. I just prefer them to stay in the garden.


On GWGT, more insects and a buggy observation.

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9 Responses to Are You a Bug Person?

  1. aussiebirder says:

    Beautiful clear shots Donna, especially the blowfly, were you using a macro?

  2. These are gorgeous shots! Maybe fewer people will steal them now that you have a watermark on them.

  3. I think you noticed already that I like insects very much.
    Keep cockroaches away by putting a wet towel or toiletpaper in the sink at night. They come when it gets dark out of the sink.

  4. alesiablogs says:

    Too funny Donna adding that roach story!

  5. lucindalines says:

    I guess cockroaches or the lack of them might be one big reason I will be ok with the winters in our area.

  6. Phil Lanoue says:

    Oof, me and bugs do not get along. I’m ok with alligators but no bugs.
    cool shots though.

  7. Nancy Mehuys says:

    Great captures !!!!!!

  8. I have that conversation with our insects as we move them outside….your place is in the garden!

  9. Many thanks for great photos, Costa Rica still has a wonderful nature!

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