How To Stay Asleep When Birds Chirp?


Since this question was searched on GWGT, without an answer I might add…  

I guess some ideas would be ear plugs, shutting windows, turn on a fan for white noise, pop in a CD of background noise like rain, and even move to another room. But a bird singing at night is usually by an unmated male. Once they get the girl, the singing stops.


All birds are protected by state and federal laws, and nothing can be done to harass them, no matter how annoying they are at wee hours of the morning. It is best to ignore them, or just plug your ears. The worse noise in my opinion is that early rising woodpecker hammering at 4am. Birds like mockingbirds can try the patience of even the most diligent birders since they mimic and can sing all night. Lucky we don’t have them here, but did in a place I stayed for a few weeks. They are a noisy bunch.

I don’t mind the bird songs, but do have to admit, many times they waken me long before I am ready to rise.

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11 Responses to How To Stay Asleep When Birds Chirp?

  1. I love the bird chorus as my alarm clock….what can keep us up is the frog chorus that starts before dusk and goes into the wee hours of the morning…we have green frogs, bull frogs, peepers, toads, wood frogs and the loudest and smallest gray tree frogs…between our pond under our bedroom window and the wild ponds in the neighborhood the echo is noisy and loud….but we love it and turn on the fan when it gets too noisy.

  2. aussiebirder says:

    The morning chorus is very special time when birds worship and we enjoy their song, but when birds, like the blackbird, and the ones you mention sing at night, it is too much. I am glad we don’t have that problem here, but in the bush they might. My main problem when I had my property in the country were the tiny frogs doing their courting call at night, hundreds of them all making amazing sound under our bedroom window. I would go out stamp on the ground and they would stop, as soon as I got back into bed they started. Those hormones! I love to hear the first birds of the morning around 5 to 6 am especially the Butcherbird, Magpie and Currawongs, and if i was back in the country the Kookaburra especially.

  3. eulalia says:

    We have our geese and guinea fowls… sometimes they like to talk at night… my husband does not like when our dogs begin to bark late at night, the geese think it is fantastic and they enjoy the party…. i am grateful with their presence and their sounds….

  4. ClareSnow says:

    i know the answer: enjoy the song!

  5. Most things I enjoy listening too, but cats and strong wind, they get me going.

  6. Girl Gone Expat says:

    Beautiful pictures! I’m thinking that you’re not supposed to sleep too much during summer anyways so I don’t mind waking up to their song in the morning:)

  7. alesiablogs says:

    Doesn’t bother me a bit!!!always knew it would be male singing his heart out!!!

  8. I love waking to birds singing, no matter what time of year, and no matter how early in the morning!

  9. Some woodpecker, I don’t know which one yet, likes to drum away on the metal bird-guard on our chimney, sending that sound throughout the house. I can’t figure our what satisfaction this mischief brings him. At least the mockingbird varies the song, endlessly.

  10. It doesn’t matter if the birds sing; the sun wakes me up in the morning. I got new black-out curtains, but still have to hem them.

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