Dragonflies I Saw at the Water’s Edge


It has been a bad year for dragonflies at my usual haunts.

The park did some maintenance in the wildlife restricted area I think to cut down on ticks. What that did was made for no wildlife. They mowed down plants and I suspect used a herbicide.


I went to another park to find the Odonata.


They are a lot less accessible and harder to photograph, but I managed to get a few.


I hope I identified them properly because there are just too many of them.


Yes, there were birds around, but they were not my quarry of the day.


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9 Responses to Dragonflies I Saw at the Water’s Edge

  1. aussiebirder says:

    I am delighted by the beauty in these small creatures, and the variety of features they each have, your perfect photos are perfect examples of their unique beauty, thanks Donna.

  2. alesiablogs says:

    funny thing is that I am seeing more of them this year or maybe I am noticing them now.

  3. That is too bad especially if they disrupted wildlife like that. Here with the rain and the pond I am seeing many more this year everywhere I turn in the garden. Hopefully you will get some much needed rain soon there Donna!

  4. My Heartsong says:

    Beautiful clean shots, Donna. I havwn’t seen as many thisyear but last year was unusually a bumper crop. Love those facesbut I get nervous if they land on me.

  5. Love the dragonflies, other species then here but not all of them. The one on the second picture we have here aswell but rearly. The first one is a very nice photo.

  6. Lover of Dragonflies – Beautiful Captures 🙂 Happy Weekend – Enjoy!

  7. Aufgewacht says:

    Very nice Pictures 🙂

  8. Gorgeous! The insects look so shiny!

  9. Emily Scott says:

    Sad that even in a wildlife restricted area of the park the wildlife is not safe.

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