Butterflies While in Pennsylvania


Butterflies in the wild, not in a butterfly exhibit. The photos were taken at Chanticleer Gardens in Wayne, Pennsylvania.


The butterflies were abundant but rather skittish, landing only briefly. There were a few other species, some like the Cabbage White, and a few other Skippers I did not photograph. Most were in among flowers making them difficult to capture, but like the first image, a much more interesting photo.


I only had the small P510 camera with me on this trip, and with all the insect activity I saw, wish I had the D750 and 105mm macro lens. Oh well, it was safe and sound at home.


Chanticleer has beautiful gardens that I will show on GWGT. All garden images taken with the P510, too.


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12 Responses to Butterflies While in Pennsylvania

  1. aussiebirder says:

    Love your Swallowtails Donna, great pics!

  2. David says:

    Really nice photos. I especially like the first with its composition and depth of field in the “vegetation canyon”.

  3. Yellow SwallowTails are very common in Colorado, so these photos made me a bit homesick…
    The first one against a canvas of textural vegetation is awesome.

  4. alesiablogs says:

    Gosh. These are some beautiful photos

  5. I like skippers so that is my favorite.

  6. Butterfly’s and acts of kindness are the true the true treasures in this world…I really enjoyed the photo album, it is very special.

  7. bittster says:

    I’m looking forward to your Chanticleer post, I love it there.
    Your first photo with the yellow swallowtail in front of the canna leaf is A-mazing!!

  8. Great pictures. I’ve never seen such a clear, detailed picture of a skipper.

  9. These are beautiful captures of these elusive creatures especially since they were skittish!

  10. Inger says:

    Love butterfly photos! They are all beautiful, but I do love that background on the first one with green and yellow-ish leaf. Makes it a very interesting photo. I hope you like your D750, as I just invested in one:)

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