Mountain Time and Racing Horses


I recently was in Seattle, a land of mountains and scenic beauty.

As you fly in, you really get a grand view and vista.


What you might not realize is that from almost anywhere, you get a view of either Mt. Rainier, Mt. Washington, Mount. St. Helens, the Cascade Mountain Range, or the Olympic Mountain Range. It was way too many for me to remember what I was looking at.

While at Emerald Downs Race Track, the backdrop is Mt. Rainier. You might not expect such a view at a track.


I had horses most of my life and did race one time in Ohio, took second place. It took a lot of training to learn to ride in the small jockey saddle, break the gates and run in a pack of speeding horses. I was too light and needed weights added to meet the weight minimum. I decided track racing was not for me and much preferred barrel racing for speed, plus I was rather good at it.

I do enjoy being at the track although I have never placed a bet. I knew a lot of trainers in my day and racing can be a bit underhanded. Much goes on behind the scenes racing enthusiasts are not aware and even things that people see can be disheartening. Two horses died before the main event of the  Preakness Stakes and one jockey broke a collarbone after a fall on the muddy course. I was at Pimlico and Belmont with a trainer friend years ago but not on Saturday. Who was surprised the favorite finished so poorly? Exaggerator upset Nyquist

Just not Nyquist’s day I guess. While at Emerald Downs, it was nice day, yet still one horse went down in a turn on the far side of the track. Horse racing is a tough sport, both on the jockeys and the horses.



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9 Responses to Mountain Time and Racing Horses

  1. Alesia says:

    It is hard to imagine how much does go on behind the race. They make everything look so nice, but the deaths yesterday show how dangerous it all is.

    • donna213 says:

      Yes, it can be very dangerous, especially when track conditions are not optimal. The Pimlico track is going to do some changes because the inside of the track collects more water than further to the outside.

  2. alesiablogs says:

    I left a comment and I am not sure why the wordpress deleted it! Ugh Anyway-?it was just how dangerous of a sport this is!

  3. Every time I talk to you or read a post I learn some new, fascinating fact about your life!

    • donna213 says:

      I did have a very eventful life. My health is paying for some of the adventures too. Breaking and training horses can be very hard on a body.

  4. I remember visiting “recovery farms” years ago-harsh.i recently photographed racing horses on a camera-club outing. Fun! Enjoy your trip.

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