Do Birds Matter? Predator or Prey


Imagine asking a starling or cardinal, “Do humans matter?” I am betting they would rather not have us around. But, songbirds do like our feeders come winter.

Every species basically thinks they are the only ones that matter, and all others are either food or a royal nuisance. Can you imagine knowing you are a food source? Where everyday of your life is fleeing from a predator?


Even birds of the same species look at each other as competitors, fighting for food, shelter and territory. Not too different from humans in that regards.


Our backyard birds are often the food source for the raptors. We can make our gardens a little less hospitable for them with strategic landscaping, while still being generous to our songbirds.


On my other blog, I talk a lot about making gardens to encourage wildlife. It is never as important as it has been these last few years. With terrible drought each year, meadows and fields are not producing as plentiful for our songbirds or insects. So any help we can give by planting native seed, nut and nectar producing plants is helpful. Also consider the plants that draw caterpillars to feed and grow too.


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15 Responses to Do Birds Matter? Predator or Prey

  1. gwenniesgardenworld says:

    good shots !! But sad, I hate animals eating other animals but I know that is nature.

  2. Wow! Those are amazing photos! They are so sharp and clear.

  3. We have several species of hawks in our area. I see and hear them flying overhead frequently and they often use our garden as a buffet. I’m okay with that. I think they are amazing creatures and frankly everyone has to eat. Plus I feel they actually help strengthen the songbird populations by getting rid of the weaker birds. Super photos of these stellar birds!

    • donna213 says:

      I like seeing them in my garden, but not when they eat the songbirds, especially in winter. They leave a bloody mess and the songbirds don’t come back for days. I am sure you are right, Karin. They do cull the sick and injured.

  4. Raptors are among my favorite birds to observe in the yard and anywhere. Their struggle to find and kill prey is just the natural process of survival seen all through the natural world. Your photos are great.

    • donna213 says:

      Thank you. I too love the raptors, especially when seeing them out in nature. It is a privilege when they allow me to get close to their daily activities. Yes, it is nature and all species have to eat to live. We are no different.

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