If Travelling Were Free


You would not see me again. I feel I was made to travel this world. Well I guess since I was young, I was always disappearing and finding somewhere new I did not see before. Kids could do that once. Now parents almost have them on a leash.

I wish I could have enough money and time to explore every single country on this planet. I would go to warm places with endless beaches and arctic places with glistening ice floes. Probably not back to back though. It would be too jarring.

Most of all, I would see every animal on this planet, from the air to the sea.

The love of travel that can’t be quenched no matter how many vacations or journeys you take. That is me, never enough places to go.


I have been to Maui twice now, and I do plan to go back again sometime. No, it is not even close to my favorite place to travel, but it does have its special beauty. The wildlife was not especially plentiful, yet what I did see was not found here in Western New York. These Hawaiian Stilts were amazing birds with those long, slender legs.

You would think they never take flight, as you can watch them for hours where they barely move a muscle. They do fly as you can see, but I only had a 300mm lens on this trip, so they are a bit far away.


I am traveling again next year to a place with beautiful wild scenery and I will be taking a long lens just in case I spy some wildlife. Likely I will see some birds, but maybe a moose or bear since we are going to the big Canadian National parks.  I wish we were going when it was colder for snow and bare trees, but my friends chose to go when the weather is still reasonable.


Sun, sea and wildlife, yes it is a wonderful place to take a camera.


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5 Responses to If Travelling Were Free

  1. aussiebirder says:

    Love your Hawaiian Stilts Donna, they are similar to our Black -winged Stilts which I love to photograph because of their elegant form, they are so cool for reflection photography on the mud flats. Wild Canada sounds wonderful, hope it is real beautiful and special for you.

    • donna213 says:

      Thank you. I so enjoy seeing the Stilts in your country. I have some images of them with reflections too. You are right, they are the best images. I am hoping we see wildlife while in the Canadian Rockies, but going with a group of non-wildlife enthusiasts lowers my options of seeing interesting subjects. I was thinking when they are enjoying dinner, to pop outside for landscape and sunset photos. The only problem is not being able to walk the trails then because of bear and moose. It would be too dangerous and likely not allowed. We are going to some of the picturesque places with beautiful lakes and mountains. Readers on GWGT know how I love images like that.

      • aussiebirder says:

        True Donna, your landscape pics are stunningly beautiful, and my experience with organised tours is similar, I am always trying to find ways to make the most of the experience sometimes braking the rules:-)

  2. Thanks for sharing with those of us who don’t travel much!

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