Married for Life


How many times do you read of the nagging woman, squawking wench, screaming shrew, bad-tempered hag, hapless harpy, temperamental wife, and all the other ways woman supposedly send men to an early grave. If all that were true, no man would ever take a bride. In birds, some take life partners. I wonder if they have their discontented and hotheaded companions?


Could it be having a demanding partner is linked to hundreds of extra deaths of men each year? Hmm very interesting, maybe that is a hint to men? How many of their women would stop short of death by nagging? 😀


I read that women are immune to nagging and it has no apparent ill-effect on their health. It was some Danish study if I remember right. They say talk it out, but talking is not a man’s strong suit. You need a mature, sensible male for talking it out. Do they have statistics on the number of them?


Some duck and run. Many times the woman is portrayed in comics running after the guy rolling-pin in hand. I wonder if that ever happens?


Sometimes all that is needed is that burning stare. Either a grin or frown works to keep ’em guessing.

Other times, leaving the room works for women, avoiding as much as possible. Slamming door is optional. Just make sure he is not on your tail.


That could be hazardous.


And sometimes just getting away eases tension. Do you know nagging is a studied statistic and they believe nagging to be responsible for three extra guys croaking in every 100?  Nagging, well that never works. If it did, there would be a lot more guys six feet under.


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20 Responses to Married for Life

  1. What a visual accounting of the state of mankind! (pun intended) This sort of ‘nature-picture-log-narrative’ should have some place to be published in addition to your blog…

    I’m wondering if professional journals of photography have bit the dust due to the proliferation of iphone photographers/internet saturation?

  2. Ha! Nice post, and the images illustrate those thoughts well!

  3. A nagging wife is simply a woman who hasn’t done her homework. There are two foolproof ways to get a man to do absolutely anything at all.

    1. Suggest he’s too old to do it, anymore.

    2. Make him think it was his idea.

  4. Tiny says:

    Oh – this made me laugh so hard! The Osprey couple I am following have given me similar thoughts 🙂 Great shots!

  5. Cute post and awesome captures, Donna!

  6. Great photos! I could practically see the tonsils on that first one!

  7. aussiebirder says:

    Interesting subject Donna and beautifully illustrated. It is true men generally shy away from discussion, and men being more left brain and women more right brain Mr Fixit and Mrs Feelit often can have problems coming to terms with understanding each other. Men have trouble thinking in the abstract they are more pictorial in their thinking. They see their needs from a different perspective. The key for the male, which I constantly attempt to help men see, is the female viewpoint. As many family (couple) counselors have said, it is a miracle that men and women can actually live in the same house. Couple counseling is the most difficult and many have moved to other forms. Again our largest problem in relationships is communication and disappointments from unfulfilled expectations, hence the nagging. The main thing that adds life and luster to a married man is to be encouraged and appreciated for who he is, more than for what he does, this of course is what she needs to hear and FEEL also from him, this will add life and incredibly change a man’s attitude, which will in turn reduce the need to nag.

    • donna213 says:

      You have very sound advice. My guess is you are or have been a counselor. So nagging comes from unfulfilled expectations. I think expections are the real problem. It should be a mutual understanding where both parties agree on an issue or responsibility. I am more left brained as an architect but also right brained for the creative aspect of my job. I am less of an emotional sort. It may be why I could work in a male dominated field easily.
      Now how would you counsel the hawks in the post. She is chasing him in some of the photos. Maybe she should be toting her rolling pin. LOL.

      • aussiebirder says:

        Yes Donna, she does look angry. I will always remember a calendar my mum had as a young boy, with this house wife wearing apron holding a rolling pin and answering the phone to one of her husbands friends. Her husband is lying on the floor knocked out and She replies to his friend “Sorry Harry’s out!”

  8. I am sure birds and other animals don’t think about the way they behave like we do … We give ourselfs a hard time by thinking to far about everything.

    • donna213 says:

      Since it was supposed to be humorous, you are assuredly right that animals do not think like we do. If we thought more maybe few less arguments! Thank you for your comment Sandra.

  9. Emily Scott says:

    “Could it be having a demanding partner is linked to hundreds of extra deaths of men each year?”

    You were kidding I know but there’s actually evidence that marriage usually benefits men by helping them live longer, healthier lives: But it doesn’t have the same benefits for women!

    • donna213 says:

      Thanks for the links, Emily. The Danish study was real, funny statistics, but real. They studied nagging effects on men. I didn’t save the link, but should have.

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