Evening Grosbeak


We have the Rose-breasted Grosbeak breeding in our area in Spring, … but this variety of Grosbeak is a stunningly colored bird as well, that ranges in our area during the winter months occasionally. Some years cone crops in northern coniferous forests are depleted, then these finches show up at feeders far south of their normal winter range.


Evening grosbeak breed in mature forests of northern North America in trees and forests such as spruce/fir, pine/oak, and juniper forests. Most will be found in Canada.


I have never had one at my feeder that I am aware, but they do like platform feeders with sunflower seed which I do offer in my garden. These birds were found at Algonquin Provincial Park, Whitney, Ontario, Canada.

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17 Responses to Evening Grosbeak

  1. Mike Bizeau says:

    Wow, those are beautiful photos of beautiful birds.

  2. You usually see them in flocks as well. We had some in our yard (eastern Lake Ontario) at our feeders several years ago. They appeared for a short time for a couple of years and then I haven’t had them back around our place. I have read where they have been spotted in the Adirondacks in the past, too. Beautiful photos!

  3. neihtn2012 says:

    Wonderful captures of this beautiful bird!

  4. ‘Beautiful bird!!! They’re not stupid and word’s probably spreading about your ‘all you can eat’ buffet for birds!

  5. These are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  6. So nice to see-brilliant colouring.

  7. David says:

    Beautiful birds. I like how you were able to isolate them from their backgrounds either with angle or focus.

  8. aussiebirder says:

    Thanks Donna, for sharing this beautiful bird. One day it may land on your feeder😊

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