Birds in 2014

Yellowlegs  Where’s the Crowd?

Flicker-in-a-hole-4  Hole Drillers

Tern  Turn Your Head and There is a Tern

Beakful-of-House  Overworked Mom

Male-Bluebird-Knox  Bluebirds – Where are They on the Popularity Scale?

Heron-Flying-6-29-14  Flybys – The Blue and the White

Robin-on-Sumac  Familiarity Begets Boredom

Hawk on the offense   Angry Red-tailed Hawk

Hummingbird-at-Feeder  Ruby-throated Hummingbirds at Warner Gulf Gardens

GISparrow  Hiking Around

Black-Crowned-Night-heron-2  Birds in the Marsh

Boat-billed-heron-3  Does This Look Like a Heron – Boat-Billed Heron

Ruby-throated-Hummingbird-5  Hummingbird in the Garden – Ready to Fly South

Swan-Family  Land of Few Birds

Oriole-Cropped  Cropping an Image – Why? Because I Like It That Way

Gull-Strut  Falls Feathered Fashion Show

scaup-on-landing  Birds in Winter Weather – Birds, Birds and More Birds

Hawk11-21-14-1  The Hawk and the Squirrels

Leucistic-Sparrow  Leucistic House Sparrow – Does it Look Like a Finch?

Laughing-Kookaburra-Laughing  Do You Know the Laughing Kookaburra?

Toucan  Photographing Rainforest Birds

Angry-redTail  Married Life

Snowy-on-Post-4  Snowy Owls Invading Western New York

Eagle-in-Tree-2  Conowingo – Bald Eagles of All Ages

Birds in 2015

eagle-banking Photographing Eagles at Conowingo Dam

2-Young-Eagles A Guide to Viewing Bald Eagles at Conowingo Dam

Red-Tailed-Hawk-in-NY  It’s All About Survival

Female-Cardinal-in-Snow-1  Why Do We HaveSo Many Cardinals This Winter?

Hawk1-12-15  Nature is Interdependent – Lessons of Nature

Bald-Eagle-Eating  Is Photography Risky?

White-throated Sparrow  Gray Here, but Off to Sunny Maui

Sharp-shinned-Male  Out of the Fields and Into the City

Kolea  Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge, Maui

Hawaiian-Stilt-2 Hawaiian Stilts

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