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Falls Feathered Fashion Show

Come One Come All Today at the Falls was the opening of the Fall Fashion Show for Gulls, each bird showcasing the ready to wear fall lineup, gray and austere as always. Each gull showed off its talents, perfect posture and gave … Continue reading

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Cropping an Image – Why? Because I Like It That Way.

While I was vacationing last month, I was helping folks with blogging, photographing and using an iPad for both. My friend with whom I was traveling, was a first time blogger and iPad owner. She used her iPad mini as … Continue reading

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Angry Red-tailed Hawk

  Want to see more angry birds? Click the gallery. The morning had a few Red-tailed Hawks in a very grouchy mood. They were flying tree to tree. I was waiting to see if they would go claw to claw, … Continue reading

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