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Is Photography Risky?

Recently I read a post by a well-known photographer who listed reasons why photography can be a risk. I agree on creative choices made, being vulnerable to criticism or some of the day-to-day course of actions, but he missed the real-life risks many photographers take … Continue reading

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Snowy Owls Invading Western New York

It looks like another year of abundant Snowy Owls here in Western New York, but it really takes looking around for these very disguised birds. They don’t call them snowys for nothing, so count yourself lucky to find one. They are … Continue reading

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The Land of Few Birds

I was recently in Eastern Europe last week and although the architecture and river scenery was exquisite, the wildlife was lacking. Not only were birds noticeably missing, the insects were absent as well.  I also noticed few feral cats throughout … Continue reading

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