Insects 2014

Web-Stuck-dragonfly  Story of the Web Stuck Dragonfly

female-libellula-luctuosa  Dragonflies in Gold

Hang-in-There  Dragonflies and Damselflies

Snails-5  Kiss and Do Tell

1-Snail-1  At the Crossroads

Speyeria cybele  Great Spangled Fritillary

Snail-with-Fly-in-Garden  Catching a Ride

Monarch on Milkweed  Gallery Posting – The Good and the Bad

Monarch on Thistle  Butterflies – Two in One

Bees in the Garden  Bees in the Garden

Green-Bottlefly  Green Bottle Fly

Flowerfly-2  Hoverfly

Bee on Monarda  Monarda Magic

bee-on-spider-flower  Feeding Birds and Pollinators – Not Always the Best Together


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