Red Squirrel

I think this rodent is such a cutie with the big bushy tail. The Red Squirrel is commonly found in Ontario, but we have them here. The bushy tail makes them adorable, but it plays an important role in their survival. They use it to keep them warm in winter, but it can work as an umbrella when it rains. It is a signal for danger or a warning to other squirrels.  When jumping from tree to tree or running along wires, the tail helps them keep their balance.

Squirrels are such a nuisance to gardeners and homeowners, but they are also very entertaining.

Lots of folks call pest control on them, especially when they invade attics.

Seeing them in the forested habitat where they actually prefer makes them far more interesting to photograph. Those little ear tufts make the Red Squirrel such a cute little rodent. On Garden Walk Garden Talk, see another rodent, the Pine Marten.

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11 Responses to Red Squirrel

  1. aussiebirder says:

    Thanks Donna, very interesting to learn about your squirrel. This is different from the red squirrel I saw in Scotland, which is becoming endangered.

  2. Sue says:

    What a little cutie! I wouldn’t mind at all if he came to my house.:) Great photos Donna.

  3. Hillechien says:

    Just yesterday I put a photo on my blog about a squirrel but not as beautiful as this ones here.

  4. The internet was too slow to load the images last night, but this morning they came in — well they were the first images to greet me this morning! What a lovely way to start the day! The distinct white eye ring makes that species even more endearing!

    Thanks for giving these precious ones their rightful chance to parade across the stage without fear of capture!!!!

  5. neihtn2012 says:

    You make this squirrel really look cute!

  6. gwenniesgardenworld says:

    nice shots ! they look quite cute but they are not , they eat bird eggs, baby birds and they kill their own young when they think they may be in danger….

  7. I always enjoy the red squirrels when they come to inspect me on the trail, posing in various ways then scolding me after I leave their space. I guess it is safer that way! Yes, they are pests, too but it is interesting to observe them and even the dogs that I take care of get their first run in the morning when they spot one fresh out the door.

  8. Squirrels are entertaining!

  9. What an amazingly cute little guy! I love the silent co-operation between the two of you! 😉

  10. Tiny says:

    That is one very cute squirrel! Lovely pictures.

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