Dragonflies in Gold


Female Libellula luctuosa

Don’t they look a bit like fishing lures? They almost look like they should be hanging at the end of a hook. I must be hanging around the river and all those fishermen too much. One thing about it, you meet some interesting folks.



I made my best guess at these dragonflies as per their ID.

The one above might be a Painted Skimmer, Libellula semifasciata. You can see right through him.


White-faced Meadowhawk – Sympetrum obtrusum above and below maybe?


And we have the trapeze artist. They are pretty good aerialists too.


I like the golden-colored ones, the sun just makes them magical. I bet they are the ones that inspired fairies.

Libellula luctuosa female

This particular one just happens to be female, Libellula luctuosa.

female-Libellula luctuosa


Not sure of this dragonfly, maybe, Variegated Meadowhawk (Sympetrum corruptum)

Beautiful insects, don’t you agree?

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17 Responses to Dragonflies in Gold

  1. My Heartsong says:

    Like the lighting and depth of field in the one hanging onto the cat tail.It looks like it is smiling!Fantastic shots!

  2. Indeed they are gorgeous…I don’t think I have seen too many golden ones here….red, blue, green mostly! But I will look for golden dragonflies as I hope to spend more time outdoors now!

  3. Gorgeous shots. You make it look easy!

  4. Very excellent post my girl. Thanks so much. A lot of effort was put into this with the excellent pics.

  5. Debra says:

    Gosh! Spectacular shots. Fishing lures? More like jewelry I think.

  6. Really fabulous! We have a damselfly that has taken up residence in our front garden – it has vertical black stripes on its wings.

    • donna213 says:

      I have been seeing a lot of them too. Some are so pretty, but they are small and thin, so much harder to photograph. Next post you will see some amorous ones.

  7. These shots are some of your best work yet.

  8. well, I love the dragonflies and have a story to go with that. I lost my dear mumma last September and at the burial, on a warm and sunny day, a dragonlfy flew in and settled on the flowers atop the casket remaining there throughout the ceremony.
    Afterward, at the celebration, someone printed out the story of the dragonfly and read it aloud. Since that day, I am even more fascinated with the dragonfly than I head been and have collected a few little dragonfly pins and a beautiful lucite dragonfly which is hanging under one of my skylights. Whenever I see one, I know it’s her 😉

  9. lauramacky says:

    Thanks for stopping by and the follow to my blog. I don’t follow back a lot because I can’t keep up but your pics are really great! Have you seen Victor Rakmil’s blog? He does a lot of dragonflies as well.

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